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Coiba Straw Turquoise


Coiba Island is the largest island off the Pacific coast of the Veraguas Province in Panama. Fruit of a rare and preserved craftsmanship, Coiba renews Japanese straw. With a weft density of 30 to 40 fibers per inch (2.54 cm) and its extreme delicacy, the texture of abaca is enhanced by nylon warp, fully endowing this
sumptuous wallcovering with its modernity. The matte finish and natural variations of each fiber blend with the shine of the warp. Woven at a rate of 2m per day, Coiba joins the selection of exceptional wallcoverings. Coiba is a Modern Straw and it is one of the finest straws in the world.

**Sold by the yard

  • Packaged and sold by the yard with a 1 yd minimum (maximum 37 yds per bolt).
  • Bolt Dimensions: 35" wide (length dependent upon yds ordered)
  • Match: N/A
  • All sales final