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  • Transform High-Traffic Areas with Vinyl Wallpaper: Explore Our Top Picks!

    Looking to spruce up high-traffic areas? Say hello to vinyl wallpaper. Durable, easy to clean, and available in endless styles, vinyl wallpaper is the ultimate solution for spaces that see a lot of action. Whether it's a busy hallway, bustling kitchen, or lively playroom, vinyl wallpaper stands u... View Post
  • Kelly Wearstler's 7th Luxury Collection: Where Art Meets Innovation

    Renowned designer Kelly Wearstler's 7th luxury wallpaper and textile collection showcases her unique fusion of art and technology, blurring the lines between traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation.  KELLY WEARSTLER VII COLLECTION To request samples or place orders for wallpaper or fab... View Post
  • Porter Teleo: Hand Painted Wallcoverings

    In the heart of Kansas City's art scene, Porter Teleo crafts wallcoverings with care. Each panel is hand-painted, making it unique and intentional. Porter Teleo values traditional art and cares about the planet. Their commitment to craftsmanship stands out, offering clients a glimpse into the bea... View Post
  • In-Person Showroom Visit: How to Get the Most Out of Your Appointment

    At Chelsea Lane and Company, preparing for your showroom appointment is key to a seamless experience. Prior to your visit, sending images of your space will not only save you time in the showroom but will allow the team to pull options tailored to your style. If you have specific items in mind, i... View Post
  • Unveiling Opulence: Christian Lacroix Maison - 'Pêle-Mêle'

    'Pêle-Mêle', the inaugural book by Christian Lacroix, takes us on a journey through the early stages of his illustrious career to the establishment of his Maison de Couture. This collection not only showcases the evolution of Lacroix's unique style but also pays homage to the flamboyance and art... View Post