Design Services

  • Full-service Interior Design
  • Complimentary* wallpaper and fabric selections (Complimentary in-store, while purchasing through our showroom.)
  • Custom Upholstery: Drapes, Pillows, Furniture, etc.
  • Blinds and Shutters


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Design Packages

Introductory Consultation: Complimentary to all NEW clients

This is a 30-minute, IN-STORE meeting for new clients. Scheduled in advance, this one on one meeting is held with a designer on our team – during this consultation, we will review photos of your space to get an idea of what you are looking to create/fix, discuss your options and come up with a plan to help you achieve your goal. (If you are not able to come to the store or are not local, we can also conduct this consultation over the phone.)


Finishing Touch Package (Two Hour Consultation)

This consultation is ideal for clients that are very hands on and would be an initial project meeting with repeat clients or a second project meeting for new clients, following the introductory consultation. This package is designed for clients that overall, are satisfied with their homes but need help tying a space together or adding a finishing touch. I will personally come to your home to assess the space you are interested in finessing and will spend approximately 45 minutes to an hour with you, discussing what you are unhappy with and reviewing what is incomplete. Upon return to my studio, I will spend the remaining hour working up suggestions and compiling inspiration photos for you, as well as devising a small design plan to help you work through the final details of your space. This package can also be modified to include interior styling or an inspiration board (details bulleted below).

  • Interior Styling: Rather than compiling a design plan and inspiration photos for you, I would spend the additional hour in your home with you, rearranging your existing pieces or editing items within the space (please note for heavy furniture, there will be an additional charge to accommodate mover support). If you would like interior styling as well as the design plan, it would be an additional hour of work for a flat rate.
  • Inspiration Board: For an additional fee, we will create an inspiration board for your space, as well as shopping tips and suggestions based on your budget.


In-Home Wallpaper & Drapery Package

(***Complimentary if you are in our showroom purchasing products through us.)

 This package is for an IN-HOME wallpaper and drapery consultation – it would be an initial project meeting with repeat clients or a follow up project meeting following the introductory consultation for new clients, where we have already discussed and narrowed down your style. In this package, I will travel to your home and we will work together to find you the perfect wallpaper and/or drapery. I will bring several selections/options and coordinate carrying the books and samples back and forth from the showroom, as well as provide my design expertise and measure the areas to be redone.


Design Partner Package

This package is ideal for a client that wants to handle the shopping and coordination themselves, as well as the client looking to shop at retail stores which are typically more budget friendly. This package is priced by the room and includes a 45-minute in-home consultation, as well as a follow up inspiration board (up to three changes will be made to the board based on your feedback). Following approval of the inspiration board, I will create a floor plan layout for you, as well as compile a detailed, itemized shopping list for you to reference when purchasing items. In addition, I will provide a list of sources where you can secure the best price for each item, as well as provide designer discounts where available. (Rate negotiable based on a multi-room project.)


Full-Service Design Package (All Inclusive, Per Hour/Price Specific)

This is a standard full-service design package and is ideal for clients that want us to help with all aspects of the design process. At our initial consultation, we will review your personal style and determine a budget/timeline for the project. A thorough design contract will be reviewed in detail (outline of general services bullet-ed below) and if agreed upon, a retainer will be charged following the consultation. All sourcing/design work will be assessed by an hourly rate to be billed the first of each month through the completion of the project (first billing cycle would be 1 month following the initial consultation) and all materials for the project will be purchased prior to shipping. (A copy of our design contract can be shared in advance of the consultation meeting.)

  • Consulting with Client to determine the scope of work.
  • Preparing necessary preliminary studies to determine client’s design preferences and requirements.
  • Space planning of room layouts.
  • Preparing working drawings or sketches, and specifications as needed.
  • Making preliminary estimates and budgets.
  • Consulting with architects, contractors, suppliers, engineers, or special advisers.
  • Inventory existing furnishings. Space planning of present inventory.
  • Selection, purchase, delivery, of “merchandise” for Client approval.
  • Design and coordination of fabrication for any and all purchases and finishes.
  • For new construction – election and specification of all surface finishes (further information in contract)


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