Trending... Realistic Wallpapers!
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Trending... Realistic Wallpapers!

Realistic-looking wallpapers are all the rage. They are perfect because they provide a new textured look to any space which provides a complete facelift no matter how small. We love having representation of different textures and unique styles. Below are fan-favorites!

We are starting off strong with beautiful faux brick!

Wallpaper doesn't just belong on walls... this design looks stunning on the ceiling!

Here is some weathered wood for a rustic feel!

Now, for some less-weathered but just as beautiful shiplap-esque wallpaper.

And a mixture of the two...

Moving on from wood, we are loving faux metal walls!

And here is some decadent texture.

And lastly, our always-beautiful marble.

All of these wallpapers are linked to our website. Click on the photos to learn more, or visit our showroom. We are open from Monday-Friday, 10 AM-5 PM.