Statement Ceilings: Look Up for Inspiration

Statement Ceilings: Look Up for Inspiration

Explore the often-overlooked "fifth wall" – the ceiling – as a canvas for artistic expression. We'll share design ideas to make your ceiling the focal point of any room.

Embrace Bold Patterns:

Dare to dream big and make a statement with bold patterns on your ceiling. Opt for vibrant geometric designs, dramatic floral motifs, or abstract patterns. These eye-catching choices can add an unexpected element to your space, creating a sense of drama and visual interest.


Color Play:

Ceilings don't have to be limited to plain white. Embrace the power of color and infuse your space with personality. Experiment with rich hues or soft pastels to create a captivating ceiling that complements the overall design scheme.

Fern Santini

Intricate Designs:

Delve into the world of intricate ceiling designs to elevate your space to new heights.


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