In-Person Showroom Visit: How to Get the Most Out of Your Appointment

At Chelsea Lane and Company, preparing for your showroom appointment is key to a seamless experience. Prior to your visit, sending images of your space will not only save you time in the showroom but will allow the team to pull options tailored to your style. If you have specific items in mind, inform them in advance for a quicker selection process.
Upon arrival, expect to explore a vast array of options from their extensive collection. Bringing along your space dimensions helps in estimating costs and staying within budget. Borrowing books or ordering samples to review at home is easy, ensuring confident decision-making.
After finalizing your choices, the team provides estimates and offers home measurements or installation schedules if preferred. With these steps, your showroom visit promises to be both enjoyable and productive. Get ready to bring your vision to life at Chelsea Lane and Company!
Book your in-person appointment online here, or send us a text, email, or call for booking.
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