Sensory Style: Exploring Scratch and Sniff Wallpaper in Interior Design

Step into the future of interior design with scratch-and-sniff wallpaper – because who needs air fresheners when your walls can do the talking (or, should we say, sniffing)?
Photo Via: @Flavorpaper on Instagram
Picture this: Your living room transformed into a tropical paradise with a scratch, or your kitchen always smells like a five-star bakery. It's like scratch-and-sniff, but for your entire home.
The Sensory Experience:
Scratch and sniff wallpaper employ advanced technology, infusing microcapsules with fragrant oils. When gently scratched, these capsules release delightful scents, adding an interactive and playful element to interior design.
Photo Via: @Flavorpaper on Instagram
 Say goodbye to bland walls and hello to the scratch-and-sniff revolution. Your senses will thank you!
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