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A Wallpaper Tour: Ocean Front
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A Wallpaper Tour: Ocean Front

When it comes to wallpaper, we're always wall to wall with projects. Yes, pun intended. 


Here at the shop we thought it would be a spectacular concept to let fellow readers and designer friends share in our most recent endeavors. 


We are going to be featuring some of our latest wallpaper installs these coming months in a new blog series called A Wallpaper Tour


A month ago, one of our clients invited us behind the scenes to their home in the final stages of construction where we were able to capture the wallpaper they had chosen to cover their various rooms with. It was such a delight to walk about their three-storied beach front house and recognize all the patterns they had browsed and chosen right in our shop. 


So, without further ado, let's begin our first wallpaper tour... 



On the Beach









From floor to ceiling, the textures and colors lean towards a modern-contemporary inspired design throughout the entire residence. 


The club room (pictured above) conveys a simple and elegant aesthetic taking advantage of the blue tones from this Phillip Jeffries wallpaper (in Horsehair Denim 3258) to emphasize the neutral grey hues in the marble flooring and whites on the base boards and wall trimmings. The space presents itself as the perfect candidate to feature natural woods like oak, walnut, mahogany, and hard maple in cabinetry. 


We continued the tour into the living and dining rooms (pictured below) and marveled at the natural light coming in through the grandiose windows facing the inter-coastal.






The cream textured wallpaper on the side walls is accented beautifully from the shimmering paper by Romo (in Mica MCA4102) installed on the ceiling. 


Wallpaper that has glitter textures using or resembling mica, quartz, glass, granite, and other minerals is a clever way to reflect more light into a space that is lowly-light or to emphasize existing natural light. At night, when there is only artificial light present from lamps, candles, or chandeliers, these shimmering papers mirror the warm glow in the room across its own sparkling surface and act as another light source. 


The glitter wallpapered ceiling above in this case is bordered by teal fluorescent lights to deceptively cast more of a cooler tone rather than warmer tones during both day and night. Why do you think our clients would choose that? Well, to achieve more of a monochromatic feel that repeats itself singularly from room to room.


When it comes to interior design, light and color are key players. Whenever it comes to choosing wallpaper, it's no stranger that these very elements are essential to know and differentiate in efforts to compliment pattern, style, and composition. 


To showcase our point better, we're taking the tour upstairs to one of the master baths. 








Simply glamorous. This one was definitely one of our favorites!


When we walked in, our eyes slowly glanced at every detail...


An intricate mosaic tiled shower leading out into the main floor beneath a deep white basin for a tub. A quartz counter top with regal mirror panels above and an ivory vanity with drawers below featuring crystal knobs. The gem drop lamps and porcelain floor. 


We loved how each piece favored the one beside it and all the pieces were brought together, naturally, by the choice of wallpaper. 


The wallpaper by Romo (in Haiku HAA21) accents the minimal hints of grey and lavender in this bathroom. It wraps it all together in a stunning bundle of luxury, topping it off with a silver metallic wallpaper on the ceiling by 


Throughout the house, there is a balance between light and dark ambiance. Our tour continues around the corner into the shadows...








The library room (pictured above) was paneled with a midnight grey silk textured wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries (in Star Dust Silk 3223). 


Despite there being a good amount of light from the windows in the library, the space was designed to be darker for a more comfortable reading experience. The silk texture in the wallpaper was chosen to look opulent both in the light and dark. A room where light can be controlled to the owner's liking and not compromise the comfort of dimness. 


Recognize the Romo wallpaper (in Graphite GRA5004) on the ceiling? We assume you're beginning to see a common mineral theme here. The pattern doesn't fall very far from the wall in this home and we think that was a pretty clever choice. 


Since we're on the subject of ceilings, let's continue the tour by looking up while we promenade through the hallways. 









Looking up never looked so good, right? 


The lighter wallpaper installed on all the ceilings (pictured above) is a Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth and the darker wallpaper on the center kitchen lid is Romo (in Zephyr ZEA306). 

We are excited to share these photos with you, because wallpaper, depending on the installer, can be cut, arranged, and installed to draw more attention to detail and architectural design. 

Above, you'll see the same wallpaper used on the ceiling in separate rooms, but each section is distinctly exclusive to its own space. Wendy Ricks, the installer that led a team of paperhanging contractors for this house project, made sure that the client's vision for a modern design would be achieved. She decided to do triangle diamond cuts, woven panels, and parallel lines for the ceiling installation. 

Design arrangements for wallpaper installs is a sagacious approach to using the same wallpaper for numerous rooms in different layouts. Our clients were able to savor their contemporary palette by repeating the wallpaper often without it seeming monotonous. 

We're pretty sure anyone that visits them won't stop marveling at their wallpaper.

To all our readers that are still with us, the tour is coming to a near end. 

*dramatic pause intended for humor*

We know, we know. You don't want it to. The content is just too good to finish it here. 

So, we're going to share the rest of our photo collection below and include a link to where you can find the wallpaper featured in each photo that you like!







Elevator, Thibaut (in Metallic Weave T6860)






















All the wallpaper installed at this ocean front home can be found in our wallpaper library at Chelsea Lane & Co. and or online at 

Please call us if you'd like free samples of some of the wallpapers featured on this post.

We hoped you enjoyed our first wallpaper tour as much as we did! Stay tuned for our next one on the blog this summer and check us out on Instagram for your weekly wallpaper fix!