A Guide to Decorative Cord Techniques in Design
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A Guide to Decorative Cord Techniques in Design

Cording is a subtle yet impactful detail that can elevate the aesthetics of your interior spaces. 

Piping: Piping is a classic cording technique that involves sewing a cord between two layers of fabric. It enhances the edges with a subtle accent.

Welting: Welting is similar to piping but involves a fabric-covered cord. It's often used to define the lines of furniture.

Braided Cord: Braided cords are versatile and come in various thicknesses and materials. They can be applied as a decorative trim on upholstery, lampshades, or curtains.

Fringe Cord: Fringe cords add a touch of whimsy to furnishings. Whether on pillows, curtains, or furniture skirts, fringe cords provide a playful and decorative element.

Bullion Fringe: Bullion fringe is a luxurious option often used to embellish drapery or upholstery. Its ornate, twisted design adds a touch of opulence.

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