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  • Everything You Need To Know About Murals

    Why hang a big painting when the entire wall can be a statement. Mural paintings have become increasingly popular because of how simple it is to bring a room to life. View Post
  • Fresh and Fun Madcap Cottage Wallpaper

    Madcap Cottage has released four new patterns that will make your home feel fun, fresh, and luxurious. The high-octane designs are filled with plenty of color, patterns and prints. View Post
  • A Sneak Peak into Thibaut's Grand Palace

    If you've ever wanted to travel without leaving your home Thibaut's Grand Palace collection is everything you've ever wished for. The new collection is inspired by chinoiserie designs created in Europe, influenced by tales and travels to the far East. View Post
  • Into The Wild... Animal-Print Rooms That We Love

    Animal print never really goes out of style, and we have any print you could possibly want! While unique prints can be intimidating, our team at Chelsea Lane loves a challenge and we know how the bold choice can transform a space. Contact us for more information, or if you see something that you ... View Post
  • Backdrop, Round Two

    Well, it happened. One of our favorite paint brands, Backdrop, has released their official second collection. This collection is full of fun, never-seen-before prints and we love it. Words can't really capture the creative detail , so take a look for yourself! Come into our shop for more informat... View Post