When it comes to high end grass cloth wallpaper, Phillip Jeffries is always a fan favorite. This family owned company began making wallpaper in 1975 and have grown their business into a household name. Phillip Jeffries is a leader in the wallpaper industry and here at Chelsea Lane & Co, we get daily inquiries from our customers to view their collections.  They carry a broad range of designs from masculine leather to a more earthy raffia. In addition to real grass cloth and silk wall coverings, Phillip Jeffries carries a washable/scrubbable vinyl collection made for high traffic areas like bathrooms and hallways so you never have to worry about ruining a gorgeous installation. We recently spotted our favorite PJ rivets in Sol and Roberts bedroom on season 2 of the Netflix original Grace & Frankie and we practically squealed with excitement! Phillip Jeffries is a name that is synonymous with style and elegance and we highly recommend them. Take a peek at some beautiful installations below and contact us for samples.













We're not sure if this is a Phillip Jeffries grass cloth on set, but it sure looks like it!