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  • Sojourn: A Captivating Escape in Fabrics and Wallcoverings

    Sojourn, is a mesmerizing collection of fabrics and wallcoverings that transport you to a faraway land. Featuring coordinating prints with geometric lines, trellises, and abstract corals, Sojourn's palette spans earthy tones to vivid blues, offering an escape for everyone. Thibaut Sojourn Coll... View Post
  • Exploring Modern Elegance: Thibaut Modern Resource 4 Collection

    Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of nature and modernity with our Modern Resource 4 Collection. This curated selection harmonizes earthy palettes and painterly designs with contemporary lines and metallic accents, creating a timeless yet modern aesthetic. Elevate your space with the versatil... View Post
  • Anna French: Devon Collection

    Devon is a beautiful fabric and wallpaper collection reflecting Anna French's heritage. It features antique-inspired designs, charming English florals, scenic murals, crisp gingham checks, and plush velvets. The color palette includes warm caramel, soft gold, and rose tones, reminiscent of a refr... View Post